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Montessori. House of Fantastic Animals" is a game based on the educational method of Maria Montessori. Maria Montessori is famous all over the world for her pedagogical approach, which guarantees the comprehensive development of the child, and at the same time supports its spontaneous and creative activity resulting from its nature.

The "Montessori. House of Fantastic Animals" set consists of a spacious folding house, twenty-four shapes of animals, eighteen cards and instructions. Arranging the house influences the development of the child's spatial imagination. Matching animals to the holes in the house supports the development of fine motor skills, which is of great importance in the child's life and affects its future. Searching for items presented on the pages of the cards exercises the toddler's perceptiveness.

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In addition, when performing all these activities, you can talk about them, repeat the names of animals, imitate their sounds or tell various interesting facts about them, eg say what they eat, where they live, etc. The content of the conversation should, of course, be adapted to the age of the child. Thanks to this, they can increase their vocabulary and learn many interesting things, gain new knowledge. Collecting the house together, matching elements and searching for items from cards strengthens the bond between the child and the guardian.

"Fun and Education" is a new series that combines educational values ​​with great fun. Products from this collection support the acquisition of important competences in various areas. It is available, among others a product called "In my home", with the help of which the child learns to read and write.

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